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Special Operations is a department that overtakes unusual activities at IVAO. Special Operations are part of the aviation world that is quite important in existence. Special Operations on IVAO are defined as aerial military operations, aerial work, and other aviation flights (activities, operations) that are performed in accordance with rules and procedures other than those that fully comply with ICAO SARPs or other civil rules and procedures. Controlling military units and other units other than civil ATS responsible for aforementioned flights (activities, operations) also fall under the framework of Special Operations. Examples include military flights operating under military rules, firefighting, police operations, search and rescue operations, aerobatic flights & flying display, construction work, aerial photography, air ambulance, and other types of state, specialised and aerial work (this list is not exhaustive).

To regulate the special operations in Indonesia, the Special Operations Department has been opened a long time ago. The department is responsible for SO within Indonesia Division. In this section you will find all the necessary information to perform Special Operations in our division.

You can read more about SO in IVAO on the HQ-SOD website: https://sod.ivao.aero/


Fida Perkasa - Special Operation Coordinator | id-soc@ivao.aero


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