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Guest Controller Approval


The Indonesia airspace is vast volume of airspace and is frequented by a large number of regional and international air traffic. The Indonesia Division is always pleased when members from other divisions show a keen interest in performing ATC responsibilities in our airspace.

Since the Indonesia Division is participating in the GCA programme according to R&R 5.1.7, we have laid down a set of guidelines for guest controllers to follow before they can be permitted to control in Indonesia airspace.

Click here for FRA (Facility Rating Assignment) details of Indonesia airspace.



Any member who wants to control an FRA restricted position in the Indonesia Division has to apply for approval.

The following requirements apply for an approval :

  • GCA Applicant must have ADC or higher rating
  • GCA Applicant must understand and comply with the local procedure of Indonesia division
  • GCA Applicant must have the document needed (Charts)
  • GCA Applicant has complete a practical review by staff determined
  • GCA Applicant must have a good english proficiency
  • GCA Applicant must comply with the FRA position rules


Steps to be taken

  1. Guest Controller should contact us by sending an email to id-hq@ivao.aero.
  2. The following details must be mentioned in the email:
    1. Name of the guest controller
    2. Name of member division
    3. Present ATC Rating
    4. Any particular position applied for
    5. A brief reason for controlling in Indonesia airspace
  3. The Indonesia division may nominate its staff to supervise/introduce the guest controller to procedures to be followed in the Indonesia airspace.

The Indonesia division staff will strive to respond to all requests within 24 – 36 hours.

We are always looking for motivated and enthusiastic ATC to provide professional control services to our pilots.