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Frequently Asked Questions

×Please Note: To make changes your name, division or email address, you must contact the membership department via email.
If you want to change your name, Division or email address, you need to email md@ivao.aero with the requested changes.
If you want to change your City, ICQ, Skype or date of birth etc, this can be done via your member page http://www.ivao.aero/members/person/details.asp?ID=XXXXXX.
( Replace XXXXXX with your IVAO VID ) .You can then click "Change my details".
If you don't login for a period of 3 months, your account status will change to inactive. If you don't login for 12 months, your account may be deleted.
Visit your member page, http://www.ivao.aero/members/person/details.asp, where you should see something saying "Your account is currently inactive on IVAO.
To reactivate it, click here". Once you have clicked the link, your account status will be "active" once again.
Due to security issues, you can only use automatically generated passwords.
Visit the password reminder site and follow the on screen instructions. You may also generate new passwords via the link.
Hours are updated every day at 1200z. If you are connected to the network at 12Z, hours from the previous day will not be added to your profile until the following day, at 12Z. (12z is 10.00am AEST)
Visit the IVAO Awards page for main award requirements
Visit the Division Awards page for division award requirements
Visit the Contact Us page of the website and select the department that deals with issues similar to yours.

×Please Note: If your answer is not here, try contacting us.