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[ID] What If Kemayoran?

21/08/2021 12:00z - 21/08/2021 16:00z




What if Kemayoran is back to operate? Have you ever wonder it? The legendary of Jakarta's airport is now back to operate in virtual, special for the 76th Indonesia Independence Day and 36 years after its closed.

Kemayoran Airport will be start operate at 12z-16z on August 21th, 2021.

Please be note, this airport will be only open in this event only. So prepare your aircraft, and enjoy the experience!


( Fly-In or Out from Kemayoran Airport  )


--- More Details ---
Saturday, 21 August of 2021
Starting from 12.00Z until 16.00Z
Recommended Aircraft Category is Medium Aircraft and below
Fly-In/Out type Event




Bandara Internasional Kemayoran (JKT/WIID) :

(ProjectMax) Payware download Here
Freeware (FSIM Studio) download Here



Charts here *Registration Needed*





- Each participant will receive badge Pilot Event & ATC event after accumulate 10x point (per event 1 point)
- Please send your PIREP in the MODA system at ATCEV for ATC and PILOTEV for PILOT. 

Aviation Celebration Tours and Events

Automatically will be given after the event.

Note : After flying on this event, please report your flight at our dedication web HERE if not then your Moda report will not accepted.



Enjoy Our Event! Happy Independence Day....... MERDEKA!!!


See You on Departure!
Keep Healthy and Be Safe!

ID Event Departments
Junior Tampi | ID-EC | id-ec@ivao.aero
Joshua Macpal | ID-EAC | id-eac@ivao.aero

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