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[27 JUN | 09z-15z] [HQ+Asia+Oceania] Asia and Oceania Continental Online Day

27/06/2021 09:00z - 27/06/2021 17:30z

Asia and Oceania Continental Online Day
This event is brought to you by the IVAO Events Department in partnership with IVAO-FR, IVAO-ID, IVAO-IN, IVAO-MY, IVAO-TH, IVAO-XE, IVAO-XO



Event details

Event date: Sunday, 27th June 2021
Event time: 09:00z-15:00z
Event type: IFR/VFR Airbridge (multidirectional)

Every active IVAO Division holds one Online Day per week. Members will have the chance to either fly or provide ATC service in a much busier environment by participating at one of these regular events.

To bring this idea to the next level, we are proud to present to you the third edition of our recently released series of events called Continental Online Day. This new series will consist of four events per year, each time within another region.

We invite you to join us on 27th June 2021 to participate in this amazing Continental Online Day!



>> There is one way you can participate in this event as a pilot:
  > #1: IFR/VFR Airbridge.
         > Pilots are free to choose their departure and destination airports as long as these are inside Asia and/or Oceania.
         > You must perform a 1h30min flight (from block to block) between two airports within the involved regions in this event – a pilot may also choose to make multiple flights until this requirement is met.

>> All pilots are kindly requested to:
  > Make sure you have a VALID AIRAC.
  > Be prepared - have access to charts.
  > Note the departure, circuit, and arrival altitude restrictions.
  > Be ready - you may be asked to enter holds or given vectors.
  > Remember: Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.
  > Maintain proper IFR radio communication.
  > Follow IFR procedures.


>> ATC services:
Since this event will take place inside active divisions, we have partnered up with IVAO France, IVAO Indonesia, IVAO India, IVAO Malaysia, IVAO Thailand, IVAO East Asia Region, and IVAO Oceanic Region to provide ATC services in this airspace. If you're a member - or a GCA holder - of these divisions, please refer to their divisional forums.
  > IVAO-FR forum board |IVAO-ID forum board | IVAO-IN forum board | IVAO-MY forum board | IVAO-TH forum board |IVAO-XE forum board |IVAO-XO forum board.

>> Non-active divisions:
  > If you want to participate as an ATC at a non-active IVAO division please request your preferred ATC position and let us know your availability by using the IVAO Events Booking System.
  > Please note that all requests are subject to review by the IVAO ATC Operations Department. A final ATC schedule will be released in the link above on the 25th of June.



>> IVAO-FRAvailable here
>> IVAO-IDAvailable here
>> IVAO-INAvailable here
>> IVAO-MYAvailable here
>> IVAO-THAvailable here
  > Korea: Available here
  > Taiwan: Available here
  > Hong Kong: Available here
  > Macau: Available here
  > Incheon : Available Here 
  > Manila : Available Here
  > Australia: Available here
  > New Zealand: Available Here
  > Papua New Guinea: Available here

>> Non-active divisions:
  > Laos: Available Here (Outdated since MAR 2017)
  > Singapore: Available Here
  > Myanmar: Available Here
  > Cambodia: Available Here
  > Japan: Available Here


>> We are to integrate the IVAO Events Support Award in this event for both Pilots and Controllers, so why not get your engines started or scopes ready and help out making the event a great success!
  > Requirements:
      – Pilots are required to perform, at least, one flight from the airbridge available as described in the Pilots section in order to eligible for the point towards the award.
      – Users participating as an ATC have to comply with the events requirements and be online at least during 1 uninterrupted hour in order to be eligible for the point towards the award.

This event is worth 1 point towards your IVAO Events Support Award!





We are looking forward to seeing you online during this event on 27th June 2021!

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