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[15 AUG | 1130z-1530z] [HQ + IN + ID] VANDE BHARAT AIR BUBBLE

15/08/2020 11:30z - 15/08/2020 16:30z

IVAO HQ, India and Indonesia Division invites all IVAO members to our Vande Bharat Air Bubble Event


Experience a full ATC service including Chennai Oceanic Radio over Bay of Bengal.
LIVE from 1130z to 1530z and extended depending upon traffic.

Flight Booking -  Click Here
  • You need to make a Flight Booking in order to receive Aviation Celebration Events Award and HQE award.
  • Pilots follow India Oceanic Procedure.
  • Make sure you have the Airport scenery installed on your simulator.
  • Contact ATC at scheduled departure zulu time of your Flight Booking.
  • Follow ATC instructions at all times (If ATC asks you to hold at certain altitude please do so). Since this is simulation we would recommend you to comply with all the ATC instructions during your flight.
Suggested Route

ATC Services through out the region will be provided by India Division and Indonesia Division ATC Operations from 1130z to 1530z and extended depending upon traffic.

ATC Booking -  Click Here

All participating Pilots MUST follow Oceanic Procedure for this event.

Read Full Instructions India Oceanic Procedure -  Click Here

The area bounded by the end of Chennai area control center to the east until the FIR boundary.
Callsign: VOMX_CTR
Frequency: 126.150 MHz
Radio Callsign: Chennai Radio

How to Communicate with Oceanic Radio? Example watch video.

Indian Freeware/Payware Scenery FSX/P3D/XPLANE

WIMM Freeware Scenery FSX/P3D
WIMM Freeware Scenery XPLANE
WIMM freeware Scenery FSX/P3D

India - Aeronautical Charts
WIMM - Aeronautical Charts

Flight Planning - SimBrief

HQ Events - Pilot Support Award

HQ Events - ATC Support Award

Members who participate will gain +1 point on the "IVAO Events HQ Award". Please make sure to report on below link:

HQ Award File PIREP/Flight Reporting/ ATC Report - Click Here

Aviation Celebration Tours and Events Award
Issued to all participating members by India Division, please make sure to report your Flight / ATC reports on below links.

Division Award File PIREP/Flight Reporting - Click Here
File ATC Report - Click Here

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