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[SPECOPS][ID] Baliem Evacuation

22/03/2020 11:00z - 22/03/2020 15:00z


IVAO Indonesia Special Operations is hosting a humanitarian mission this years as part of our program in 2020. Its mission will deliver basic needs such as food, medicines, doctors, volunteers, and necessary evacuations from Wamena to Jayapura.

This mission is centered at Sentani Airport, Jayapura (WAJJ) and Wamena Airport (WAVV). Silas Papare AFB (Sentani, WAJJ) has reported there are 13.000 citizens who would like to leave Wamena as the result of local civil unrest. The evacuation mission requires the participation of so many parties due to the large number of people that needs to be transported in a short period of time. IVAO Indonesia Special Operations invites all division to take part in this mission which begins at Sentani Airport to Wamena and back.

This mission will give you a challenge around Baliem valley and Papua Weather. Join us, and feel the challenge !

* * * please check event masterplan, then register, and ask if you have any question about this event * * *


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