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HQ+ID | 7 DEC | Crowded Skies XV - RFO Ngurah Rai

07/12/2019 00:00z - 07/12/2019 23:00z


IVAO Presents its premier event “CROWDED SKIES XV” on December 7th, 2019. This record breaking unique event sets the entire IVAO Skies alive and active. IVAO Indonesia as a part of IVAO will be supporting this event to record breaking from the best record, 3004 simultaneous connection this year.

We will be organising by concentrating the activities in Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar (WADD). It will be mini-RFO (Real Flight Operations) at Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar (WADD All participant are required to book schedule, we prepared more than 150 schedules around Indonesia’s Airport and Neighbors Country’s Airport.



This year, Aerosoft as a sponsor of the IVAO are giving away 24 add-ons to members who participate in Crowded Skies XV. IVAO have a few contests to determine who will be getting the giveaways.

  • Screenshot Contest
  • A Random Draw
  • Crowded Skies Experience

More information about this contest can be found here : crowdedskies.ivao.aero


All participants will be issued an HQ Award to mark Crowded Skies, the award will be automatically granted to the participating members after the event (this process might take a few weeks).

Requirements to get this award is:

  • Be online at least 20 minutes before and after the expected peak time of the event (19.00z), which means you have to be connected at least between 18:40z and 19:20z
  • Pilots: 2 hours minimum of flying
  • ATC: 1 hour minimum of ATC
  • Staff members online as staff cannot get the award

Also Pilot and ATC will gain +2 point of the Pilot Event Award (for Pilot) and ATC Event Award (for ATC). It should be reported to the MODA System after completion of the flight which can be found here (for pilot) and here (for ATC).


This event will provide some ATC Position for Denpasar (WADD)

  • WADD_GND / Ngurah Ground
  • WADD_TWR / Ngurah Tower
  • WADD_E_APP / Bali Approach (East)
  • WADD_W_APP / Bali Approach (West)
  • WAAF_B_CTR / Ujung Control

Please call ATC Operations for this position : Joshua Eko (id-aoc@ivao.aero) & Pandu Ramadhan (id-aoac@ivao.aero)


If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact :

Fida Perkasa (id-ec@ivao.aero) & Gerry Soejatman (id-eac@ivao.aero)


Join us on December 7th, 2019 for this unique event!

Let us to set a new record





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