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[SPECOPS] [ID] Aerial Display TNI Anniversary

05/10/2019 14:00z - 05/10/2019 16:00z


Dear IVAO Member,
VAO Indonesia – Special Operations Department invites all IVAO members to participate in this one-off airshow event to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the formation of TNI. Aerial show in the form of formation flying of multiple aircraft will take place in this event over the city of Surabaya—a city many Indonesians know by heart as the city of heroes.

Aerial Display Details
Date : October, 5th 2019
Time : 14.00z
Location : Juanda Airport (WARR/SUB) - Flying Display Area : Port of Surabaya

Registration will be closed at October, 2th 2019

Event Awards


Participants will receive 1 point for the SO awards.

If you have any question, feel free to ask!

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