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02/10/2021 13:00z - 02/10/2021 16:00z



Event Date   : Saturday, 2 October 2021
Event Time   : 1200z-1600z
Airports        : Ahmad Yani Semarang (WAHS/SRG) | Yogyakarta International Airport (WAHI/YIA) | I Gusti Ngurah Rai (WADD/DPS)
Event Type   : User Event, Dual Airport Fly-In

Event Description

In the several days we will celebrate another special day for Indonesia and the world, it's Batik Day. As we know that Batik is one of Indonesia's cultural heritages and has been recognized by UNESCO. The main idea of this event is coming from Red Group Virtual Airlines.

So, in the Satnight RGV (Supported by IVAO ID) will fly from 2 cities that producing Batik Semarang and Yogyakarta to Denpasar Bali. They choosing Bali as our destination because Bali is the center of tourism in Indonesia. In this event, we recommend you to fly using Batik Air as their mission is to introduce Batik to the world through tourists who come to Bali.


All pilots are kindly requested to :
>>> Make sure you have valid AIRACs
>>> Be prepared - have access to charts
>>> Note the SID altitude restrictions and STAR speed restrictions
>>> Following ATC Instruction
>>> Be ready - you may be asked to enter holds, fly headings and speeds
>>> Remember - Aviate, Navigate, Communicate


All ATCs are kindly requested to:
>>> Be prepared - have access to charts, knowing the local procedures
>>> All pilots must be wait 3 minutes after connected to IVAO server before executing any ground movement
>>> Be ready - you may get unexpected events
>>> Remember - Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

Attention! ATC Should be contact id-ec@ivao.aero cc to id-aoc@ivao.aero, id-aoac@ivao.aero before booking the position!


Event Sceneries
>>> Indonesia Freeware Scenery : get here
>>> Freeware Scenery (Ahmad Yani SRG) : get here
>>> Payware Scenery (Project Max WAHI) : get here
>>> Freeware Scenery (Afcad Generic WAHI) : get here
>>> Payware Scenery (Aerosoft Bali WADD) : get here
>>> Payware Scenery (Bdo Aviation WADD) : get here



Please notice after the event you will get +1 Point for Pilot & ATC event award (Manual Report)

Report link : Pilot -- ATC

As an approved virtual airlines in IVAO, this event will be supported by IVAO and you are able to send your pirep to our MODA system to claim +1 point of pilot event award.
For RGV Member please check Red Group Virtual Web for further information (such as badge, etc.)

We all look forward to seeing you there!


ID Event Departments
Junior Tampi | ID-EC | id-ec@ivao.aero
Joshua Macpal | ID-EAC | id-eac@ivao.aero

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