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[ID] JAWA - BALI : UNDER 10.000ft

25/09/2021 12:00z - 25/09/2021 16:00z



You! Yeah You! As a pilot you must have a good calculation of estimates for your flight plan. So now, we challenge you to win this challenge. The event will be held for 3 days. What you have to do is plan a VFR flight from Halim Perdanakusuma Intl. Airport to Adi Sutjipto Intl. Airport via Tunggul Wulung Airport (CXP/WAHL) to conduct 1 touch and go. Looks different from another event right? Hehe just wait for it. Whoever flight time's is closest to the estimated enroute time on their flight plan WILL WIN THIS CHALLENGE.

 The first day of this event series will be held on Saturday, 25 September 2021 at 1200z. Here are the rules:
R1. Maximum cruising altitude is 10.000ft. Any aircraft detected climbing above 10.000ft (AMSL) on the IVAO tracker will be disqualified from event points.
R2. Maximum cruising speed is 250 knots of groundspeed. Any aircraft who touches or exceeds 251 knots groundspeed on the IVAO tracker will be disqualified from event points.
R3. Changing Flightplan after being airborne is not allowed.
R4. Any aircraft who fails to record making touch and go at the intermediate airport will be disqualified from events points. A minimum of 5 seconds on the ground during the touch and go is required.
R5. Unsafe conduct of flight (such as but not limited to harassing other aircraft, or runway hogging during touch and go, etc) will lead to disqualification and may be followed up by disciplinary action.
R6. All flights must be filed under VFR.
R7. All flights must depart after the event starts.
R8. All flights must have completed touch and go at intermediate airport by the time event ends to be counted and qualified for the event participation.

Challenge Criteria:
C1. Get your flight time as close as possible with your Estimated Enroute Time on your flight plan.
C2. EET = Estimated Enroute Time, AET = Actual Enroute Time.
C3. AET is calculated by Landing Time at destination airport – Take-Off Time at departure airport from the IVAO Tracker.
C4. Scoring will be based on percentage accuracy of your EET. [(AET-EET)/EET]
C5. Your score will be published for each day, and along with your cumulative score

A1. Each pilot participating must submit your PIREP (Pilot Report) correctly into Indonesia Division’s MODA on tours.ivao.aero
A2. Each pilot will receive +1 Pilot Event Award when meeting all criteria in JBC.R (Challenge Rules).
A3. ATC participating in this event in the relevant airspaces will be awarded +1 ATC Event Award points upon validation of submission to the IVAO MODA.


All in all the winner of the whole series will earn an extra surprise reward! Looks awesome right? Don't be afraid to try guys! Who knows? You might win!

Hints to prevent disqualification:
-Don’t fly at 10,000ft, it is recommended that you fly no more than 9500ft AMSL to prevent differences in your altimeter and the IVAO tracker (GPS altitude equivalent) recording an altitude violation.
-Do not base your EET on maximum cruise speed, to allow for possible congestion at/near the intermediate airport.

Caution! ATC will periodically remind you to maintain VISUAL SEPARATION with other aircraft (including touch and go at WAHL). WAHH Tower may give you a holding instruction before entering the traffic pattern to maintain separation between other traffic.

(AIM DEPHUB) here *Registration Needed*


Halim Perdanakusuma Intl. Airport: Binersim (Payware)
Tunggul Wulung Airport: Freeware or Freeware
Adi Sutjipto Intl. Airport: Freeware

ID Event Departments
Junior Tampi | ID-EC | id-ec@ivao.aero
Joshua Macpal | ID-EAC | id-eac@ivao.aero


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