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Enduring Adversity | RGVSUPPORT

IVAO-RGV Tour 2020

-Dedicated To Lion Air Group in weathering the COVID-19 pandemic-

We are aware of current aviation conditions during a pandemic. We all know about the financial pressures experienced by all airlines. We also understand, some are getting tired, some have already given up. For Lion Group in the real world, through the "Enduring Adversity" tour, we want to say that: DONT GIVE UP!

The tour that we present this time, is a different tour from the tour we have presented before. On this tour, one QUESTION will be given for each leg. If you answer correctly, then you can move on to the next leg.

RGV Pilots who participate in this tour by following all the RGV rules and tour rules, will get the "Tour" badge that we just released in this month. 

To Especially RGV Pilots who are being the fastest to complete this tour, we will give additional rewards as follows:
1. Fastest First: Navigraph Account (One Month) + Youtube Premium (One Month) + Spotify Premium (One Month) + Tour Badge
2. Second: Navigraph Account (One Month) + Youtube Premium (One Month) + Tour Badge
3. Third: Youtube Premium (One Month) + Spotify Premium (One Month) + Tour Badge
4. Fourth Fast: Spotify Premium (One Month) + Tour Badge
5, etc: Tour Badge


Leg Overview


Rules and Guidelines

IMPORTANT : As this tour is initiated by RED GROUP VIRTUAL, all members wishing to fly this tour shall register at RED GROUP VIRTUAL WEBSITE if they have not yet.

Remember you must check regularly you're connected to IVAN, to avoid problems later cause flight was done disconnected.

RGVS.R.01   All legs MUST be flown online, with "real weather".
RGVS.R.02   Only RGV's fleet allowed for this tour (Check at their website).
RGVS.R.03   Maximum cruise level is your aircraft service ceiling.
RGVS.R.04   Maximum speed is Mach 0.85 during enroute, and 250 KIAS at or below 10000ft (unless otherwise instructed by ATC).
RGVS.R.05   All legs flown must be reported in published order.
RGVS.R.06   If there's ATCs online, follow their instruction are MANDATORY, if there's no ATC online, monitor unicomm 122.800MHz all the way.
RGVS.R.07   All legs must be flown in "real time" mode 1x simulation rate. No accelerated mode is allowed.
RGVS.R.08   A maximum of disconnection 15-20 minutes will be accepted due FS or PC crash reasons (must be stated with time in UTC).
RGVS.R.09   Please be careful while filing flight plans. Incorrect flight plans will NOT be accepted.
RGVS.R.10   Remember to report legs in UTC and 24 hours format.
RGVS.R.11   Flight Plans with Remark "RMK/STAY STRONG LION GROUP" is MANDATORY.
RGVS.R.12   Before taxiing out and after parking at the gate or apron you MUST be online for a period of minimum 6 minutes.
RGVS.R.13   You must disconnect from the network after each completed leg.
RGVS.R.14   You can proceed to the next leg only if your pirep has been accepted (either in RGV or IVAO).
RGVS.R.15   If the flight performed in 2 different days (in UTC), flight report must use date of departure, not date of arrival.
RGVS.R.16   Put your RGV Callsign (ex.RGV013) on the remark when filing pirep at moda system.
RGVS.R.17   You must book the flight at RGV's website and fly with RGV's smartcars.

Must Be Recorded on IVAO
To get all the reward, you have to be recorded on IVAO with the correct flight plan and remarks. Any RGV Pilot who dont recorded on IVAO network, will caused your pirep rejected. Dont forget to send your pirep on IVAO MODA. Reconnection only allowed maximum 20 minutes.

We encourage RGV Pilots to use the callsign that we have given for each leg. However, if a duplicate callign occurs, the RGV Pilot can use your callsign during the event. (Company hub + RGV callsign number. Ie: LNI hub, + RGV callsign: RGV013. Event callsign = LNI013)

Aircraft Type, livery, and MTL
All aircraft within RGV's fleet are acceptable, and must to use the correct livery or MTL with following your callsign. If you don't have RGV livery, you must be at least using default livery.

Landing Rate
On this tour, the maximum landing rate applies according to the callsign listed in each leg, following company rules in RGV.

Required to give RMK/STAY STRONG LION GROUP to the flight plan when you fly online at IVAO.

Members who are caught leaking, notifying, assisting in answering questions, will be disqualified. *WROTE Your Answer on IVAO Flight Plan can be made you disqualified.

Pirep Rejected
Pirep members who are rejected, will be notified of the reason via email. RGV Pilots can be asked to repeat flights, or send pirep manuals.

To RGV Pilots who have finished tour, please submit your Name, VID, RGV Account, Email, Phone Number  and send to CMD-RGV@redgroupvirtal.com

Each leg only have one question. You will find the question on the "route" of the leg. DO NOT share the question, or your answer to someone, it will disqualified you. Send your answer only on RGV smartcars on the comment section.

Answering Questions
To answer questions on each leg, you can enter it in the comment plate on the smartcars with the format "ANSWER / xxxxxxxxxx" 

Callsign, aircraft type, aircraft registration, origin, destination, etc. may contain clue to be able to answer questions.

This tour will be available until September 30th 2020

We dedicate this tour to the whole Lion Group family, whoever you are, whatever your position, as long as you love Lion Group.  

"We are not makes a history. We are made by history"

Badge for completing this tour: