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COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits Delivery "B" | IDCARGOB

Indonesia Cargo "B" Tour 2020

Team A has taken medical equipment packages from partner countries to a number of major airports in Indonesia.
Your job here to distribute medical equipment to an affected area that cannot be reached by a large aircraft.

Leg Overview


IMPORTANT : Read the notes in LEG LIST page, make sure you are perform each leg with correct AIRCRAFT CATEGORY.
This is a stand-alone tour. You can choose to fly CARGO A or CARGO B, you will get a cargo badge without having to fly both.

Example for CAT A : C208,DHC6,PC6,etc.
Example for CAT B : AT75,DH8D,CN235,etc.
Example for CAT C : A320.B737,A330,etc.

IDCTB.R.01 All legs MUST be flown online, with "real weather".
IDCTB.R.02 Flights can be performed only with suitable aircraft category (look at the Leg List page) for each leg, or your PIREP will be REJECTED.
IDCTB.R.03 Maximum cruise level depend on each leg limitation.
IDCTB.R.04 Maximum cruise speed depend on each leg limitation, and 250 KIAS at or below 10000ft (unless otherwise instructed by ATC).
IDCTB.R.05 All legs must be flown in published order.
IDCTB.R.06 If there's ATCs online, follow their instruction are MANDATORY, if there's no ATC online, monitor unicomm 122.800MHz all the way.
IDCTB.R.07 All legs must be flown in "real time" mode 1x simulation rate. No accelerated mode is allowed.
IDCTB.R.08 A maximum of disconnection 15-20 minutes will be accepted due FS or PC crash reasons (must be stated with time in UTC).
IDCTB.R.09 Please be careful while filing flight plans. Incorrect flight plans will NOT be accepted.
IDCTB.R.10 Remember to report legs in UTC and 24 hours format.
IDCTB.R.11 Flight Plans with Remark "RMK/IDCARGO" is MANDATORY.
IDCTB.R.12 Before taxiing out and after parking at the gate or apron you MUST be online for a period of minimum 6 minutes.
IDCTB.R.13 You must disconnect from the network after each completed leg.
IDCTB.R.14 Maximum leg per day is Unlimited.
IDCTB.R.15 All ICAO codes are accepted in flightplan.
IDCTB.R.16 If the flight performed in 2 different days (in UTC), flight report must use date of departure, not date of arrival.
IDCTB.R.17 Avoid permanent segregated airspace which is restricted airspace and exclusive used by SO Flights only (stated in ID SO Order/ex.WAR-1 area), or your leg will be rejected.

Noncompliance with these rules will result in your leg being rejected!

Badge for completing this tour: