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There Are Some Questions to Answer | Pilot Skill Tour 2021

There Are Some Questions to Answer 


An aviator must have high intelligence capabilities, such as identifying an airport based only on limited information. Let's start this game, find the following airport, then fly.

Leg Overview


PS.IM.01   Prove your skill here, make the flight plan and prepare everything you need by YOURSELF (limitation,payload,fuel,chart,etc).


GR.01   All legs must be flown online, with "real weather".
GR.02   Maintain 250 KIAS at or below 10000ft (unless otherwise instructed by ATC).
GR.03   All legs must be flown in published order.
GR.04   If there's ATCs online, follow their instruction are MANDATORY, if there's no ATC online, monitor unicom 122.800MHz all the way.
GR.05   All legs must be flown in "real time" mode 1x simulation rate. No accelerated mode is allowed.
GR.06   A maximum of disconnection 15-20 minutes will be accepted due FS or PC crash reasons (must be stated with time in UTC).
GR.07   Please be careful while filing flightplan. Incorrect flightplan will NOT be accepted. 
GR.08   Flights with DCT and/or DCT/GPS or VFR DCT as Flight Plan will NOT be accepted.
GR.09   Remember to report legs in UTC and 24 hours format.
GR.10   Before taxiing out and after parking at the gate or apron you have to be online for a period of minimum 6 minutes.
GR.11   You must disconnect from the network after each completed leg.
GR.12   All ICAO codes (online callsign) are accepted.
GR.13   If the flight performed in 2 different days (in UTC), flight report must use date of departure instead of arrival.   
GR.14   Avoid permanent segregated airspace which is restricted airspace and exclusive used by SO Flights only.

PS.R.01   IFR/VFR Allowed.
PS.R.02   All aircraft approved, but you are also responsible to ensure that your aircraft has the performance required to conduct the leg flown.
PS.R.03   Maximum flying level FL410.
PS.R.04   Maximum enroute speed M0.80.
PS.R.05   Flightplan with remark "RMK/IDPILOTSKILL" is MANDATORY.
PS.R.06   Maximum leg per day is unlimited.
PS.R.07   Wrong destination will result in pirep rejection and the possibility of re-flying.

Noncompliance with these rules will result in your leg being rejected!


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